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ChargePoint Technology Launches Single Use Technology

1 April, 2019 | ChargePoint Technology

ChargePoint Technology announces new, single use additions to its portfolio; the ChargePoint® Single Use Passive (SUP) and ChargeBag® PE-S with new HiPure ULP7 PE film.

Together, the two products form a high performance, single use package for the contained and sterile transfer of pharmaceutical powders between manufacturing process steps or even facilities.

The ChargePoint SUP is a disposable version of the passive mating half of the industry renowned ChargePoint SBV (Split Butterfly Valve) technology, which forms a complete hybrid system to ensure users can take advantage of the benefits of disposable technology without compromising performance. This also ensures the new single use products are compatible with existing ChargePoint SBV systems in the field.

Constructed completely of FDA and USP Class VI compliant materials, the SUP is both lightweight and cost effective, delivering containment and sterility assurance performance whilst eliminating the time and cost associated with cleaning, maintenance and validation.

The new ChargeBag® PE-S is a flexible, single use product container for the handling, storage and transfer of bio-pharmaceutical powders.

Manufactured from HiPure® ULP7 a new proprietary film, developed exclusively by ChargePoint Technology, and compliance tested to meet the demands of even the most critical aseptic processing environments, the solution enables extremely high levels of integrity with optimised purity and robustness characteristics.

Chris Eccles, CEO, ChargePoint Technology says, “As pharmaceutical manufacturing environments evolve, we will continue to push the boundaries of innovation and remain at the forefront of contained transfer advancements, responding to the challenges of today and tomorrow. We are excited to take our first steps into the realm of single use technology as we look for new ways to deliver compliant, flexible solutions to our customers.”

He continues: “Whilst traditional single use technologies claim to deliver the same level of performance as some of the more robust solutions, the reality is that this is not the case over repeated operations. ChargePoint’s hybrid solution delivers repeatable performance as well as several advantages to pharmaceutical manufacturers. The convenience and control benefits associated with pre-validated, ready to use solutions, that are easily integrated and perform to the highest level of containment and sterility assurance, are invaluable for our customers”.

In line with the next generation of transfer solutions, ChargePoint Technology is also introducing its latest update of the ChargePoint SBV system, Series 3. Featuring a new and improved locking mechanism with intuitive mechanical interlocks the system is operator friendly and reduces risk of part wear. On automatic versions, quick release actuators and sensor sockets ensure fast set up and changeover whilst improved access to the main disc seal makes maintenance steps more convenient than ever before.


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