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Aseptic Manufacturing Trends & Challenges

11 April, 2017 | ChargePoint Technology

In the latest issue of Contract Pharma magazine, Christian Dunne, Global Product Manager for AseptiSafe® at ChargePoint joined leaders from Recipharm and Symbiosis Pharmaceutical Services to address key trends and challenges in the Aseptic manufacturing market.

Some of the key trends that were highlighted include an increase in automation within the manufacturing process, as well as single-use manufacturing technology. The need to protect the operator and the sterile ingredients is also pushing change in the market as the requirement for operator/product segregation as part of the standard process is growing.

With today’s modern, flexible facilities the Aseptic market is witnessing a change in process, incorporating techniques typically found in potent compound manufacturing to protect the operator and increase output whilst maintaining process efficiencies.

You can read the full article in the April issue of Contract Pharma, or view it online here. ( )

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